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Update on Dec 16, 2018 @ 11:09 pm

ezProxies is a scram proxy provider! 100% stay away from them! Again!

ezProxies is a scram proxy provider! 100% stay away from them!



Performance of ezProxies

Update: Now all my proxies are not working, but no support give me a reply!

The performance from ezProxies is right up there with the best of them. They are fast, low latency times and I experience little to no timeouts when hammering ezProxies in scrapebox and some of my other software.



Update: Now No support anymore!

The support at ezProxies is pretty good as well, they have a knowledge base so if you think you can find the answer through a quick search on their site and actually understand the tech talk then your set. Of course, ezProxies has the standard email support which is great with a response time with in 12 hours, that’s faster than most other companies by 12 full hours!

ezProxies also has a “Network Schedule” that you can read up on through their support page. It tells of maintenance and down times which is very helpful. ezProxies never had any down times while I used them.


Price of ezProxies.com


ezProxies are among the more competitively priced proxy providers around. ezProxies offer 3 different types of proxy plans. Shared Proxies, Private Proxies, and soon to come to International Proxies.

ezProxies Private Proxy Prices:

  • Minimum Order Size: 10 Private Proxies = $20/month

  • Max Order Size: 500 Private Proxies = $500/month

ezProxies Shared Proxy Prices:
  • Minimum Order Size: 50 Shared Proxies =$50/month
  • Max Order Size: 500 Shared Proxies = $250/month
ezProxies International Proxy Prices:
  • Minimum Order Size: 50 International Proxies = $ Coming Soon!
  • Max Order Size: 500 International Proxies= $ Coming Soon!
Deal Alert! Use Coupon Code: EZ2011 For 30% off your first month with ezProxies!


After my bad experience on the EZproxies, I suggest you use the Myprivateproxy and Buy proxies!

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