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NewProxys - Anonymous Web Free Proxy

Ours free proxy enables you to hide your online identity and become anonymous for every website you visit. Everyone who has an internet connection has an IP address, which in simple terms is your online "fingerprint". If you use a free proxy service, your fingerprint will be hidden and changed to our anonymous one, essentially hiding your real identity, and in most cases you will virtually reside in another country.

If you care about your privacy online (identity fraud, hackers spying on your internet traffic, censorship, etc) or wish to bypass internet restrictions such as web filters and blocked websites at your school, work or home then our free proxy is ideal, and best of all its 100% free and has a track record of reliability and consistency which is much more than you can say for many fly by night proxy servers.

  • Hide your IP address: Your IP address will be hidden and changed to an address located in Texas, USA. Your IP address is your online identity and hiding behind ours using the free proxy will enable you to become anonymous.
  • Bypass internet restrictions: YouTube blocked at your work or school? What about FaceBook, Twitter, instagram or any other website? They won"t be restricted when you use the NewProxys free web proxy.
  • Hide browsing history: Each web address you visit will have an encrypted URL, which will expire after you leave the browsing session. If at a later date someone tries to see what website you were visiting by looking at your history, they won"t be able to because the free proxy address will be scrambled, Such as when you visit to "" the URL show as ""
  • Identity fraud, hackers and security: If your network is insecure, hackers could easily spy on your internet traffic and see which websites you are visiting and may be able to intercept data. NewProxys adds another layer of security onto your network. This is ideal if you are using public Wifi which can be very insecure in terms of "traffic spying".
  • SSL encryption: Ours Free Proxy offers SSL encryption which will make your browsing session even more secure than without a proxy.
  • Fully working websites: Most free web proxy sites don"t work with sites such as,, etc, but Ours almost always does. Also, if a website does not seem to be working with this free web proxy you can contact to us and we will often work to fix it.