• Offer Socks proxies
  • Fast delivery


  • Support really slow
  • Speed slow
  • Bad proxies

Update on Dec 16, 2018 @ 11:09 pm is an anonymous private proxy service which offers both HTTP proxies and SOCKSv5 proxies! Note their proxies really bad, Not recommend!



Performance of Anonymous-proxies

I rated Anonymous Proxies performance poorly based on a few factors and it’s important that you read why. They are not slow, no issues with timeouts or bans. However, Anonymous does not let you comment with ScrapeBox, that is their only limitation.
So you can scrape urls, check pr, index, ping etc. You simply can’t comment. So for those who just need fast, reliable proxies for everything but commenting then you should consider Anonymous Proxies as they meet that criteria.




Anonymous Proxies has some of the best support in the business. They offer 24/7 support just like everyone else but what sets them apart is the live support that they offer. Sadly the live support is not 24/7 and the hours are not stated anyone as to when live support is available.

But with the reliability of the proxies, you rarely need support so it’s not that big of a deal. And with your proxies being approved roughly 2 hours after purchase, with a generally faster time, you will be happy with Anonymous Proxies.


Price of


Now, if you visit Anonymous Proxies and try to find the prices it a little frustrating at first. If you click “ready to purchase” it brings you to a page where you have to create an account, and you are not even shown the price table before hand.

However, if you scroll to the bottom of the homepage you see a tab called “pricing and discounts” click that and you will see all the different prices and discounts that Anonymous Proxies has to offer. Since there are discounted prices with the different amount of proxies purchase below you will see the “minimum”, “popular”, and “max” order sizes and prices. After contacting Anonymous Proxies I was told that all their proxies are dedicated.


Anonymous-ProxiesAnonymous Proxies 

  • Minimum Order Size: 1 Anonymous Dedicated Proxy: =$ 2.50/month

  • Popular Order Size: 10 Anonymous Dedicated Proxies: =$ 23.75/month (5% discount)

  • Max Order Size: Limitless. 100+ gets you a 30% discount. So 100 =$175/month


    I do not you buy proxies from If you do not want to waste your money! There are some other good proxy service to choose:

  • 1. Myprivateproxy
  • 2. Buy proxies

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