• 3 days money back guarantee
  • No Special restrictions
  • Express setup & delivery


  • Support a little slow
  • IP not so fresh

Update on Dec 16, 2018 @ 11:09 pm

Squidproxies is one of the old brands in the private proxies field! Their proxies not much features, No special packages, but offer 3 days money back if the proxies are not works!

Features of squidproxies


Performance of Squid Proxies

SquidProxies have there ups and downs and this is the reason that I gave them a 2.5 for a rating. When they work they work great! Fast, and I mean fast, what docked them the points was their reliability. Sometimes 2-3 out my private proxies never worked. I would contact support and get new ones and then about 2 weeks later the same situation.

But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go with SquidProxies. For their price and relative performance, they are still a solid company. I recommend that you use them for scraping and commenting. Just be sure to re-comment on the failed urls as I have seen that just one more pass gets me a few more links.




Like I touched on earlier, SquidProxies support is top notch. I always had a response in less than 24 hours and when was having issues with the proxies they always gave me 10 new ones rather than just replacing the bad ones.


Price of SquidPoxies.com

You really can’t beat the price of SquidPoxies. They have a ton of different packaging options to suit just about everyone’s needs. I’m going to go over their Private Proxies basic plan and their Shared Proxies plans.



SquidProxies Private Proxies Plan:

  • Minimum Order Size: 10 Private Proxies = $24/month.

  • Max Order Size: 2000 Private Proxies = $1500/month.

SquidProxies Shared Proxies Plan:
  • Minimum Order Size: 100 Shared Proxies = $100/month.
  • Max Order Size: 1000 Shared Proxies = $650/month.


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User reviews on Squidproxies

A Guy on BHW “Radarportal” Said:

I´ve tried many proxy suppliers before and I have to mention, that Squid Proxies are by far the best. The proxies are fast like hell (OK, other suppliers offer fast proxies too). But the most important thing is an outstanding support. I´ve never waited longer than a few hours for a response in case of a problem. And these guys are pretty cool if you run into problems. Changed my proxies without any problems as I asked. I use them for Scrapebox, SEnukeX, and Zennoposter without any problems – they work like charm! Last but not least: unbeatable price!

Another Guy on BHW “Martin” Said:

Not worth it – save your time and look elsewhere!

I used the BHW discount to get the 25 private proxy package and they did deliver them in 5 minutes as claimed. Problem was that NONE of the proxies worked with scrapebox, I had to open a ticket in the end. The response was very fast (for a weekend) and I could finally get started 27 hours after the purchase.

Since then I could never start with the proxies I was assigned as each day I either get a timeout or proxies which get me a 302 error (banned by google) on my first query.

thanks but no thanks… I posted this review on Squidproxy and found out that the submit is fake – if you send it off all you get is an error message. So much for an honest company.



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  1. StreamlineWeb says:







    Hey all, I wanted to give my honest review of SquidProxies to save other people from this amazing frustration. I signed up a week or two ago, and it’s been problems ever since.

    First, my proxies were not automatically assigned to me like they were supposed to be. I had to file 2 support tickets and wait over 24 hours for a human to acknowledge that something was wrong. When I finally got my credentials to the “VIP” area with my proxy information, my list was empty!! Meaning: no proxies were assigned to me even though I just had someone tell me that it was “all good”. I was not impressed! A day or so later, and after more tickets were filed by yours truly, I finally get proxies. So I had working proxies for about a week now…

    Fast forward to this morning, I wake up to check my SERPs (which I do via proxy) and learned that my proxies are not working. So I attempt to log into my VIP area, *BUZZER* password rejected! WTF? So I log into my customer portal, and it says my service was cancelled. It also says my payment of $18 was completed. So it does not look to be a billing issue… just another error in this circus of a company.

    My advice? Stay far far away and pay more for real service. I’m going to be doing everything I can to get my $18 back now. Not because I need the money, but because they haven’t earned it!

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